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All about Abbas Academy


Nowadays the advanced technology has made easier for kids as well as elders to do any online course while sitting at home only. Working parents do not find sufficient time to teach Quran to their children due to their busy schedule. You do not need to worry as Abbas academy UK provides an effective solution to this problem. It is one of the most famous Home Quran learning and Online Quran Teaching Academy from Pakistan, EU, UK and US. This academy was established in 2001. The individuals having age above 8 years can become part of Abbas academy.


Why you should join Abbas Academy?


There are many advantages of joining this academy such as:-


The children and seniors will be able to read Quran following the rules and regulations of the Tajweed in a convenient way.
They will also recite Quran in a beautiful manner.
You can learn this online course at affordable price.
Each student will be assigned his own teacher.
As tutors are well experienced, they will suggest you the best way to learn Quran.
The teachers can teach you in Urdu, Arabic and English languages so that you do not face any difficulty while learning it.
Students can learn it anytime and any day they want as they have a choice of scheduling the online course according to their preference.
It will also save your time as there is no need of going to any place for attending online classes.
The children will also inculcate the quality of self-discipline.
The well trained teachers will teach you in such a way that you will also have a fun while learning lessons.


Facilities provided by the Abbas Academy:-


The facilities offered by this academy are the following:-


There will be 10 lessons of Quran learning course.
You can also learn Quran on the Skype.

They proffer fastest teaching method of the online Quran reading ability course in the United Kingdom.
Easy and advanced live teaching courses



Types of Courses that you can join:-


Hifz ul Quran of two years
Tajweed Fiqh Seerah Hadees of one year
Arabic Grammar - Tafseer – Aqaid of twelve months


These all courses will be taught by the well qualified teacher Dr. Habib Ahmed Pirzada.


Expected courses:-


Learning how to read Full Quran along with Tajweed and Prayers in six months by an experienced teacher H. Q. Muddassir Bilal.
Read Quran without taking help from teachers
One lesson course


What do you need for learning the Holy Quran Onilne?


You can easily learn the online course by using the following things.


High speed internet connection
A laptop or personal computer
Microphone and headphones so that you can converse conveniently with your teacher


It is also necessary that you have full knowledge regarding the usage of internet. If you really want to learn basic principles of the Quran then you should attend the online courses of the Abbas Academy. 

Due to previous / bad experience we do not have any refund nor exchange policy in existence.