​Learn read Quran fast 

1, Start directly reading The Holy Quran within 5 days this is a practical foundation course.  

2, Practice from all 30 parts of Quran... start reading The Holy Quran from any page without anyone's help 15 days course.  This is our vast, pure practical reading course.  

1, We will teach you direct from Holy Quran, our practical method will give ability of reading words, shapes and sounds of multiple Arabic scripts from any book's any page. You will learn movements of letters, lengths of their movements, merging letters and words into each other time by time to fulfill needs of grammar and stories gain (meaning ideas). 

2, Learn by 10 days course completely recognize and read The Holy Quran without preparation and without mistakes, reading practice from all 30 parts of Holy Quran. Above than 1st in this course we will teach added, practice of stop signs and ending changings along with rest all kept same ends in lengths on stop signs.  

T&CVARY. Results and accuracy are guaranteed. 

We have proven track record of success for normal students of various usual abilities.

Terms and conditions apply. 

Read Quran online easily, learn Quran fast, online easy Quran education, practical easy Islamic education.  We teach in English. We teach with Tajweed skills. Daily flexible classes. ​

Please Contact

Ustad H. Qari M. Abbas Umar

Abbas Academy UK - (Presenter of Crescent Radio UK) 

86 Gainsborough Drive Rochdale Lancs U.K OL112QU

Mobile no. 079320222898,
www.abbas.one  (uksss8@gmail.com)
(Result durations are various per each one learner, also we have 95% success rate ALHAMDULILLAAH)
We have DBS checked qualified teachers in Rochdale and UK and worldwide.​