Learn Quran reading easily local or online, easy Quran reading, online easy Quran education, practical easy Islamic education. Guaranteed for aged 8+ learners. We teach in English. We teach with comparable Tajweed skills. Daily classes online for Worldwide students. ​Contact 24/7 Ustad Q. Abbas 07932022289

1- We teach reading foundation and 30 reading selections from all the parts of the Holy Quran.  It will take 7 to 14 lessons. Afterwards, you can read the Holy Quran from any page without anyone's help. Note; in this course, we don't teach full Quran's reading).

2- If you want to read the holy Quran completely in our classes it will be a course of 30 to 40 lessons after the course no.1.

3- Prays, prayers and practical Islamic course 20 lessons.​

24/7...​Contact Ustad Q. Abbas 07932022289

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07932022289 (UK/24/7)