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Learn easily H. Quran reading fast local in UK or Worldwide. 

10 Days' course, learn the easy method of reading the H. Quran. 

40 Days' course, Read the complete Holy Quran with Tajweed.

20 Days' course of memorizing Kalmay and Nimaz prayer with practice.

20 Days' course of Basic Islamic studies. 

​20 Days course to read and memorize 

Maximum one hour of a lesson's duration. 

Fee £3 per lesson. 

Small group classes. 

Proven track record. Terms and conditions apply.

Free trial available. 
Contact 24/7 Ustad Qari. M. Abbas (Presenter of Crescent Radio Rochdale UK) on 07932022289

Learn Quran reading easily local and online, easy Quran reading, online easy Quran education, practical easy Islamic education.  We teach in English. We teach with comparable Tajweed skills. Daily flexible classes. ​

24/7...​Contact Ustad Qari. Abbas 07932022289

We have DBS checked qualified teachers in Rochdale and UK or worldwide daily.