To teach The Holy Quran readings full ability or completely reading The Holy Quran on fast track. Also we teach you all levels of practical Islamic education covering basic knowledge of key belief in Islam by authentic books read within writing and expressing practice. And part of it with Tajweed memorizing prays prayers basic articles Namaz kalmay surah chapters of The Holy Quran. Learn local in UK and online worldwide. Please contact Ustad Abbas on 07932022289
Learn quran fast A Flexible Learning Environment to Suit Your Personal Needs Flexible learning environments enhance learning and retention by meeting individual needs. More than just an audio recitation app, Quran Companion delivers a total flexible learning environment that you can tailor to perfectly meet your learning style and preferences. Flexible Time & Space Quran Companion is accessible at the touch of a screen. No need to squeeze in long classes into your schedule, and no need to commute to class. Memorise or revise at any time, and anywhere you have your phone with you. You can even “sneak in” some learning during short pockets of free time such as while commuting, in the supermarket queue, in between meetings, while waiting to pick up the kids, or when traveling. Flexible Learning Formats Learning becomes easier and more efficient when delivered in a format that you’re familiar with. In Quran Companion, you can select to memorize with a Madina mushaf 1 or the Urdu mushaf 2. Those who select the Urdu mushaf can further choose to view it as 13, 15 or 16 lines per page. You can also choose from 15 different audio recitations and 10 different translations. Simply choose the Quran format you are familiar with to ease and accelerate your memorization. 1 Common in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, Africa 2 Common in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, South Africa Flexible Guided Lesson Plan Our guided lesson plan feature gives you daily assignments without you needing to think about how to organise your day-to-day memorization. You can choose exactly what you’d like to memorize and the time frame you aim to achieve it by, and Quran Companion will produce a personalized guided lesson plan to fit your time and stay on track with your goals.
The reason I am telling you all this is because I want you to understand that learning Quranic Arabic is a lifelong quest. You definitely don’t need this level of mastery to understand the Quran in general. But, the more you advance your Arabic the more you see the beauty of the Quran. There are many levels to understanding the Quran. The effect it had on the people of the Quraish to whom it was revealed was profound. The more your Arabic moves closer to theirs the more you see the linguistic genius of the Quran. So while those ‘learn with 5 minutes a day’ apps and 2-month intensive courses are all a great start, remember that’s what they are – just a start.
Designed to seamlessly fit into even the busiest lifestyle. Not every Muslim can dedicate full-time study in a school to memorize the Quran -- and now you don’t have to. Built for the everyday Muslim like you, Quran Companion has revolutionary features to help you memorise Quran more effectively, whether you’re a student, a working professional, an entrepreneur, an athlete, a politician, a community worker, a stay-at-home mother or a combination of many things! With Quran Companion’s super effective memory techniques, fun games and social motivation, you'll be achieving your memorization goals easier, faster and with more enjoyment than you ever thought possible.
It’s obvious that vocabulary is the first thing people start learning when they want to learn a language. But if you want to learn Arabic to understand the Quran, then start with words used in it. It’s surprising that many books designed to teach classical Arabic to beginners have many words that are never going to be used in the Quran. If you want to understand the Quran, why waste time learning the Arabic word for seashells, dentist or radio? You can get to that later when you get past the basic level.
If you really want to be fast in reading or want to learn the holy Quran quickly, you need to give more time in learning as anything you want to learn need time and effort, so the the holy Quran. Here are few things to do it in a fast way: 1- Take the basic Course of Qaida Noorani.
The Quran is equally important and beneficial for Muslims and non-Muslims. Above all, there are also no age limits about the learning of the Quran. Besides, it’s the only book that is easy to read and memorize. In fact, for a better understanding, you can learn the Holy Quran with translation and can also memorize completely easily.
Besides, before learning the Quran, especially you should know the importance of learning the Quran. First, the Quran is a complete guide book about life and the afterlife. Second, our success depends upon the teaching of the Holy Book.
In addition, there is also too much reward from Allah for reading and learning the Quran. The next thing is Muslims believe in an afterlife that’s why the Quran can guide us on how to be successful in the afterlife. Above all, learning the Quran is also compulsory for Muslims. It helps us enlighten our life with the right teachings of God.
It also helps us in better understanding, translation, and memorization. We can also use different Quran apps, which makes the Quran easy to read. Above all, make sure you take