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The Quran word means “the recitation”; it contains the teachings of Muslim God i.e. “Allah”. The knowledge that you will gain on reading the Holy Quran will help you in facing any adverse situation of your life. It also acts as a key for having satisfaction and peace. If you will read Holy Quran with great concentration then happiness will come into your life and stay forever. This book has 30 parts and 114 surahs.

Ways of learning Quran:-

You can learn the Quran in many ways:-

Visiting Mosques is the first way to learn Quran.

Mosques are the foremost and most important place where you will be able to learn Quran under the guidance of expert and knowledgeable teachers. Various classes are organized here which allows you to study and learn the teachings of this holy book in an efficient manner. 

You can also take tuitions from a private teacher

To learn any course effectively we cannot set aside the importance of a teacher who agrees to give his valuable time for teaching us. He will come to your home especially to teach allowing you to learn from the comfort of your home. 

The last and most effective way is learning Quran over the internet.

Internet has opened the world of possibilities and removed the jargon of time and place. It allows you to study any book, material, course online. You can learn anything while sitting at home only. Moreover, the cost of transportation will also be eliminated thus saving your money.

How learning Quran online without teachers is beneficial for you?

If you learn Quran online then your time will be saved as you are not required to go anywhere. 

You can also choose timings of your own choice so you can read it anytime whenever you can.  

You can read it anywhere whether you are travelling, having a break in college/office or any place whenever you wish to utilize your free time.

So if you are interested in learning the Quran over the internet on your own then you can contact us. 

Qari M.Abbas, founder of the Abbas Academy is a pioneer of the teaching methods. He has experience of over 15 years of teaching the holy Quran. You can easily understand the lessons provided by him but by chance if you face any difficulty and need any help then you can contact him without any hesitation. With his teaching till now more than 1000 students are benefited and this number is growing with every passing day. He is absolutely approachable and feels happy to clarify any doubts you may have. He will make sure that you learn the Quran in a very short time. The duration of course will be 10 days. It is applicable for normal students having age more than 6 years. The fee of one lesson course is affordable. You can contact him either by calling on phone number or mailing him on his email id given on the website.