Age 6 to 60 normal students, learn how to read The Holy Quran without anyone's help. 
Afterwards you can read Quran Kareem from any page without any preparation.
Read Quran from day one.

Read complete Quran within one month.

In 20 lessons we teach method from 10 parts of Holy Quran ability and complete skill of reading Holy Quran. 

Our students - after this course read Holy Quran anytime anywhere accurately happily. They read in family with time and place's Flexibility. And afterwards students never need to attend any class or online anyone's lesson.  

We teach from basic sounds to the END... stop signs and their effects included Tajweed rules Tilawat skill all the long and short words, words with Shadd and Madd... 

How easy ? 
This much easy, that 80% watch and 20% read and it has been learnt the method. 
So basically '' Watch and Learn reading method....
We are confident by our results so simply buy our course. Our courses are with the mentioned lesson times so buy which one suit you.... 

Practical - Possible.....
We believe in to teach practically more than theory and explanations students get fed up from lectures get confused by remembering what are all the books or qawaid explained in spoken or video lessons. We kept it more practically possible students understand by our practices on the actual script of The Holy Quran.

We are pioneer in;
Teachers read - Student learns - And...
We are even pioneer in teachers shown student learns............ 

Its amazing indeed we show you how we teach and how we practically read with very 10% theory. Students know and learn our practical - easy method. 

We are pioneer in;

Results of success students learn within maximum of  10 lessons how to read Holy Quran from any page without anyone at all.....

After this skill student can read on self own to increase reading by our foundation course and results. 

How To Read Quran Without Teachers 10 Days Course

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Learn and Read Complete H. Quran in one month Guaranteed

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