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Learn and Read Complete H. Quran in one month Guaranteed

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In the words of Prophet Muhammad “Those who learn to read the Quran and teach it to others is the best among men”. Now you can finally master the art of reading the Holy Quran within just a month’s time thanks to the Quranic lessons of Molana Hafiz QM Abbas. Tajweed can be defined as the art of reading the Quran correctly. The lessons of Molana Hafiz would cover all the important areas of Tajweed so that within one month you will be able to read the Holy Book without the help of any instructor. Just 5 lessons are sure to produce guaranteed results. The best part about these lessons is that you can get them even on WhatsApp or Skype.

Based in Manchester United Kingdom we have been helping thousands of Muslim families from all around the globe to teach their children to read the Quran properly since 2001. Our fast paced courses would ensure that your child gets to learn the Quran within the shortest possible span of time. Our trained and qualified teachers would enable the students to learn the Quran perfectly and remember it for years to come. We currently have online tutors who are imparting effective Quran lessons to thousands of students from all over the world. We guarantee that your child will quickly gain interest and read the Holy Book confidently with Tajweed. As included students would be taught to learn the daily prayers, Tilawat, Suraas and even to translate the Holy Quran.

The best way of learning the Quran with Tajweed is under the guidance of  qualified teachers who would help you with the pronunciations. Our course has been specially designed to make the learners familiar with the Tajweed rules. Our easy Tajweed learning system would give you an easy and enlightening learning experience which would also allow you to learn immediately without adding too much stress on your busy schedule. Since our medium of instruction is English the students wouldn’t have the slightest problem in grasping the instructions. We make sure to teach one to one or in small groups of students so that all the learners get individual care and attention. We would be teaching you with Tajweed O Qarat in HADAR Tiwalat of speed.  All our teachers are experts in Tajweed O Qarat, Hifzul Quran, Arabic and Urdu, Islamic studies as well as English language. Moreover their employment references, character certificates as well as criminal records have been properly checked. So there is no reason why you should think twice about enrolling yourself or your children with us. As a responsible organization we have a core set of principles and we make it a point to condemn all talks of racism, hatred or discrimination.