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Learning Quran has always been a target that all want to achieve. To learn it by heart and to get another step closer to Allah. But it isn't a myth to anyone that along with the desired dream, comes many difficulties attached. We don't know how to turn that dream of ours into reality. We don't know where to seek help from. And we don't even know if the few options available, are reliable and worth our trust or not.

To end all the dilemmas and come to your rescue, we are here to help you. We provide online sessions making life easy for you. When you can't come to us, we decided to root for you. Taking learning to a whole new level, we are the UK's fastest online Quran learning service and we promise to deliver more than what we say.

10 lessons are all that you need and we let you have flexible days staring from day one, making learning easy and smooth.

Learn Quran with Tajweed was never so easier. Know the Holy Book like it needs to be known. We make sure that not only do you learn it by heart but, understand the meaning of every word and what it says as well. Through and detailed understanding is what we guarantee! 

Based in UK successfully, since the year 2001, we are the pioneers in making the learning of Quran both fast and easy. All our courses live lessons or videos are easy and advanced. They have been invented to speed up the process so that the results are achieved in minimum possible time. The live teaching classes are both easy and advanced. And we make sure that whatever we teach is perfect.

Our program is designed to help one attain the goal, fruitful results that one wants. We provide an opportunity for our online users to work one on one with the renowned teachers who will make sure that they bring out the best in you and polish your skills through the Arabic courses. The course will be getting regular and necessary updates from time to time.

•We offer fastest online teaching of Quran learning in UK !
•We have a 10 lessons of Quran reading ability course.
•We teach Quran along with Tajweed.
•With us, learn Quran automatically!

We provide a comprehensive and interactive Arabic language education and task based learning.  We make learning online easy and immediate application of what is taught to real life situations.

With us, turn from a novice student to an advanced speaker.
Our lessons are themed around core concepts that are specific and make it easy to comprehend and conceptualize the important principles. 
Our lessons are also supplemented in such a way that they immerse you in history and culture, making learning Arabic engaging and yet more fun. Another step closer to Allah, another step towards being a better human being. An initiation headed towards having a better life, an enriching life, a devoted life.