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Learn Quran reading faster                  

Learn ability of reading The Holy Quran, 5 to 10 Days Course.

Learn & read complete Holy Quran with Tajweed in 2  months. 

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We will teach you on easy apps, screens or Skype. 


1. How to read The Holy Quran;     Age 8 to 25;                    

Learn ability of reading The Holy Quran, 5 to 10 Days Course.
(Afterwards you can read Quran alone without anyone's help at all. After this short course start reading Holy Quran without any preparation.

For more information. Please contact us on Mobile 07932022289)

2. Learn & read complete Holy Quran with Tajweed in 2  months.

3. Easy English speaking course. Any age in Rochdale or online.

Local or Worldwide, online.


5. Qari course, practical complete Tajweed n Qarat TILAWAT course 50 lessons.

 7. Arabic Seerah and Hadeeth course 50 lessons.

 Learn online, local or worldwide...

For more information please contact us on Mobile; UK 07932022289



All about Abbas Academy.

Nowadays the advanced technology has made easier for kids as well as elders to do any online course while sitting at home. Working parents do not find sufficient time to teach Quran to their children due to their busy schedule. You do not need to worry as Abbas academy UK provides an effective solution to this problem. It is one of the most famous Home Quran learning and Online Quran Teaching Academy in UK. This academy was established in 2001. The individuals having age above 7 years can become part of Abbas academy.

Why you should join Abbas Academy?

There are many advantages of joining this academy such as:-

The children and seniors will be able to read Quran following the rules and regulations of the Tajweed in a convenient way.

 They will also recite Quran in a beautiful manner.

You can learn this online course at affordable price.

Each student will be assigned his own teacher.
As tutors are well experienced, they will suggest you the best way to learn Quran.

The teachers can teach you in Urdu, Arabic and English languages so that you do not face any difficulty while learning it.

Students can learn it anytime and any day they want as they have a choice of scheduling the online course according to their preference.

It will also save your time as there is no need of going to any place for attending online classes.
The children will also inculcate the quality of self-discipline.
The well trained teachers will teach you in such a way that you will also have a fun while learning lessons.

Facilities provided by the Abbas Academy:-
The facilities offered by this academy are the following:-
You can also learn Quran on the Skype.

They proffer fastest teaching method of the online Quran reading ability course in the United Kingdom.

Easy and advanced live teaching courses

 Types of more Courses that you can join:-

Hifz ul Quran of two years

Tajweed Fiqh Seerah Hadees of one year 

Arabic Grammar - Tafseer – Aqaid of twelve months 

 These all courses will be taught by the well qualified teacher Dr. Habib Ahmed Pirzada.

 Expected courses:- 

Learning how to read Full Quran along with Tajweed and Prayers in six months by an experienced teacher. 

 What do you need for learning the Holy Quran Onilne? 

 You can easily learn the online course by using the following things.

High speed internet connection 

A laptop or personal computer 

Microphone and headphones so that you can converse conveniently with your teacher 

It is also necessary that you have full knowledge regarding the usage of internet. If you really want to learn basic principles of the Quran then you should attend the online courses of the Abbas Academy. 

Learn Quran Easy, Learn Quran fast! 

Learning Quran has always been a target that all want to achieve. To learn it by heart and to get another step closer to Allah. But it isn't a myth to anyone that along with the desired dream, comes many difficulties attached. We don't know how to turn that dream of ours into reality. We don't know where to seek help from. And we don't even know if the few options available, are reliable and worth our trust or not.

To end all the dilemmas and come to your rescue, we are here to help you. We provide online sessions making life easy for you. When you can't come to us, we decided to root for you. Taking learning to a whole new level, we are the UK's fastest online Quran learning service and we promise to deliver more than what we say.

Learn Quran with Tajweed was never so easier. Know the Holy Book like it needs to be known. We make sure that not only do you learn it by heart but, understand the meaning of every word and what it says as well. Through and detailed understanding is what we guarantee!

Based in UK successfully, since the year 2001, we are the pioneers in making the learning of Quran both fast and easy. All our courses live lessons or videos are easy and advanced. They have been invented to speed up the process so that the results are achieved in minimum possible time. The live teaching classes are both easy and advanced. And we make sure that whatever we teach is perfect.

Our program is designed to help one attain the goal, fruitful results that one wants. We provide an opportunity for our online users to work one on one with the renowned teachers who will make sure that they bring out the best in you and polish your skills through the Arabic courses. The course will be getting regular and necessary updates from time to time.

 •We offer fastest online teaching of Quran learning in UK !

•We have few lessons of Quran reading ability course.

We teach and make reading full Holy Quran within a few months.

 •We teach Quran along with Tajweed.

•With us, learn Quran automatically!

We provide a comprehensive and interactive Arabic language education and task based learning.  We make learning online easy and immediate application of what is taught to real life situations.

With us, turn from a novice student to an advanced speaker.

Our lessons are themed around core concepts that are specific and make it easy to comprehend and conceptualize the important principles.

Our lessons are also supplemented in such a way that they immerse you in history and culture, making learning Arabic engaging and yet more fun. Another step closer to Allah, another step towards being a better human being. An initiation headed towards having a better life, an enriching life, a devoted life.

Read The Holy Quran without...

Afterwards you can read Quran Kareem from any page without any preparation. In 2 lessons we teach method, ability and complete skill of reading Holy Quran.

Our students - after this course read Holy Quran anytime anywhere accurately happily. They read in family with time and place's Flexibility. And afterwards students never need to attend any class or any lesson ONLINE.

We teach from basic sounds to the END... stop signs and their effects included Tajweed rules Tilawat skill all the long and short words, words with Shadd and Madd...

How easy ?

This much easy, that 80% watch and 20% read and it has been learnt the method.

So basically '' Watch and Learn method....

We are confident by our results so simply buy our course. Our courses are with the mentioned lesson times so buy which one suit you....

Practical - Possible.....

We believe in to teach practically more than theory and explanations students get fed up from lectures get confused by remembering what are all the books or qawaiid explain in spoken or video lessons. We kept it practically possible students understand by our practices on the actual script of The Holy Quran.

We are pioneer in;

Teachers read - Student learns - And...

We are even pioneer in teachers shown student learns............

Its amazing indeed we show you how we teach and how we practically read with very 1% theory. Students know and learn our practical - easy method.

Fee of one lesson each...

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