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Guaranteed Results...

1. Key Stage 1 homework support classes 

Homework projects support for KeyStage 1 students. Support,  Script, Grammar & practice workshop for boys and girls. Easily join our small groups to practice from our materials books and video screens and improve your progress in school and practical life.

2. Urdu Speak Read & Write 

Any age everyone can learn Urdu reading writing and speaking easily.   

3. Arabic books or Holy Quran Reading ability 1 days course for age 8 to 20.

4. Read the complete Holy Quran in 30 days.

5. Full Quran Reading Tajweed & Islam (33 Books) (Faster/Days/Vary)

Read complete Holy Quran within level 1 to 7 Foundations of Islamic Education Beliefs Practices Tajweed Tilawat Naat Speech (Worships) Prays Prayers History Seerah Manners Matters and Leadings.